Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our trip to the Zoo

We got the best view of the polar bears playing!!

This is one of Sarah's friends little girl, Jordon. So cute and sooo good. I also took of pic of Amanda,Jordon's mom, but it was so blurry I did not post. It was nice meeting both of them. Thanks for coming to the Zoo with us.

Don't make fun of my pose.

Sarah is holding Brooks up so he can see the sea lions. He wanted to get closer than he was allowed.

Beatin on the Bongos

Generally the meerkats are his fav but today I think the bongos won him over and our up close view of the elephants.


This is a blurry picture but it was the best one I took. He was pretty far away. So cool though. I am not sure if I had ever seen an anteater. We felt sorry for him bc a group of monkeys kept running him off.

Sarah on top of the Polar Bear

This is by far my favorite pick of the day. Climbing up there would have made for a great pic as well but I wasn't fast enough.

Chicago Zoo Trip

He has never ever fallen asleep in his unbrella stroller. We had a big day at the Zoo and he was so good. Especially considering we did not leave until 3:30 which is 2 hrs past his nap time.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mullins Square Bibs

These bibs are the best!!!!! I was soooooo sick of scrubbing food out of clothes. Then I found these bibs. This is the third bib like this that I have purchased. I love that they have armholes bc that allows for great coverage and prevents them from taking it off. The brand is Mullins Square. I purchased one at Especailly Baby in Green Hills and the others from www.addy'scloset.com

Brooks has discovered that he can hold his hands behind his back. It is so cute.

Babies Everywhere!

I have enjoyed the past two weekends bc of the fun celebrations we had in honor of the cute baby Dawson Moonshower and the hopefully soon arrival of Grant Thompson. Gini and Carrie are both such good friends, great girls, and fabulously fit the role of moma/moma to be. Our kitchen is being renovated and is taking longer than expected. Luckily I have in-laws who are nice enough to let me have these celebrations on their awesome deck. Here are some picks from the showers. Ooops. As I was uploading the pics I realized that I took pictures with Gini's camera not mine. Hopefully I will have some of those pics later.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Birthday McHaney!!!!!!!!

McHaney's Birthday party was so much fun. I love how much fun she had diving into her cupcake. The kids has so much fun outside until the rain and then they had lots of fun inside.


I told Martha Lynn that I would be sure to get this pic on my blog.

Fun times with Dad

Lake Pics

These pics are from last weekend at the lake. Brooks was really good which always makes a better trip for all.