Friday, February 5, 2010

I have an Etsy Shop

So I kind of gave up the blogging thing a while back. If there is anyone out there that ever checks my blog this is a post to let people know that I started making appliques and am posting some applique shirts on etsy. I am also going to be selling shirts at our(me and Martha Lynn) Gift Shop inside her salon ML Crawfords. So if you live in Nashville and want to by anything just call me or go to ML Crawfords Salon if you want to avoid any shipping cost.
I knew that one day I would notice how much I am like my mom and the most obvious days for me are when I am Sewing. Because of this I am going to name my etsy shop Momma Said Sew. If you get a chance look and see what I have. Only a few different items right now but I will be adding more every week.