Monday, April 30, 2007

Hats are Cool!!

Derrick Anne Wesley

Seriously, how cute are they in their hats? We gave AW the cowgirl hat for her 1st b-day and just had to have a picture of her in it. There is nothing like a baby in a diaper and a hat.
If you are wondering why they are beside each other it is bc they are dad and daughter. What do think, can you tell?

Anne Wesley, Brooks, David

Dinner Party!

Saturday night was so much fun. We got together with some of our favorite people for a dinner party. Thanks Gini D. Moon for hosting even after you broke your foot last week! The babes did really well. I love this stage bc Brooks can stay up a little later with out having a total meltdown, he loves to play, and being around other children close to his age. Isn't that funny how they do not even necessarily play with one another but they seem so much more content to have other children around.

Brooks and Will

Happy Birthday Beau!!!!!!!

Saturday was beautiful. It was the perfect day for a playground birthday party. The kids had so much fun. Especially in the little jumpy thing. What are they actually called? Anyway, Brooks is too little to jump but he loved the slide. Cool birthday party Beau!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pericarditis "If you think something is wrong with you then there probably is"

So for any of you who have been around me for any amount of time know that I have not felt well since November. Yeah, November. That's a really long time to feel bad. An abscessed toothed and sinus infection after sinus infection were the initial things that were bringing me down. By January I was still not feeling well and felt short of breath most days, especially after working out or even cleaning house. It was not my usual shortness of breath. I say "usual" because I have occasionally/seasonally used an inhaler since I was little for wheezing. I was using my inhaler constantly and it did not seem to be doing anything. Long story short I have had a lung profusion, CAT scan of my lungs, x-rays, blood work done 4 times, and finally the internist I went to, Dr. Nathan Hall, decided I should have an EKG done bc surely the pneumonia that was not showing up in my lungs anymore would not be making me short of breath everyday. So after two "minute clinic" visits, going to my GP like four times, one emergency room visit, then an internist, finally leading me to a cardiologist bc my EKG came back abnormal. The cardiologist visit I had anticipated for a week and a half was Friday. I went to the cardiologist where he told me my heart sounded fine but he wanted to check everything so to be sure my shortness of breath, chest tightness, night sweats, and weight loss had nothing to do with the heart. So one more EKG , a 3D echo, and blood work here we come. Turns out that it looks like I have Pericarditis. What? Exactly. Inflammation of the sack around the heart. Good news to know what is wrong, bad news that they are not yet sure of the severity, cause, or if there is any scarring that will not heal. This means I might never have the full capacity of breathing that I once did. Which is slightly upsetting since I like recently discovered my like of triathlons and have a long term relationship with running. God is good and I know he will take care of me. Maybe this all happened so that I would have to slow down and draw closer to my Lord. That and have more time to BLOG of course. My doctors are suppose to get together to consult with one another at the beginning of this week and decide what needs to happen next. So please pray for the doctors who have been so committed to finding out what is wrong and for full recovery. I know only those who truly care for me have made it this far into my post, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Sweet Family on Easter

The Biggest Yet Smallest love of my Life!!!

First time sliding by himself!!

Today we went to Calvert's to have Brooks' 1 year portrait done. He was not so happy about it. Normally he does great, because he loves to show off, but today it took holding his baa (blanket) and some c....c....c (cheerios) to get some pictures without him whining. Most of the rest of the day was spent cooking, a little and I mean a little cleaning, and most important was our stroll down to the playground. Brooks had so much fun. He is getting so big. Big enough to slide down the slide all by himself. Tear, sniffle, sniffle. He loved it!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So here I am Blogging

Okay, so after being told I should start a blog by two of my closest (carrie, christine) I decided it was time. I was going to start one several months ago but everytime I would begin I would either end up reading friends blogs for 30 minutes (which is my max time allotted to self on the computer a day) or Brooks would wake up early from his nap. I am not sure where this wide world of blogging will find me but most of my post will likely be about adventures with my sweet Brooks. So on that note here are some pics from his first birthday party. He had so much fun playing, eating cake, and opening presents. All of our friends and family made the party such a hit. Well, I might have to up my computer time to 45 minutes a day. I already feel addicted. It is like journaling. Well sord-of. I mean I probably would not reveal quiet as many details here. Maybe. Matthew will hope not.