Sunday, April 12, 2009


I just wanted to say how thankful I am for my parents and matthews parents. They did so many things to help make this party successful. From helping load up,cook, stuff eggs, get baloons, clean up........etc. I love you all and appreciate your time and love that went into making a fun party for the boys.

My Dad and Cash

Brooks was so excited to get home and start opening up presents. He got so many great toys. He has really been enjoying this nerf type sword. This has really brought his Goliath to life when we pretend to be David and Goliath. Thanks moonshowers.

My good friends Carrie and Lance were sweet to bring their slide so that the smaller children had plenty of things to play on. THANKS!

Brooks and Ava though it was very funny to continue jumping and not let me get a pic.
Sweet David and Dawson looking for more eggs.

Cash just loves Uncle Seth and Stephanie

Brooks feeding uncle zach.

a few more b-day pics

I had to post this. Love Niki and Amy's face.
Yesterday we had Brooks and Cash's birthday party at a playground that has this great pavilion to eat at. I had been hoping and praying for nice warm weather and no rain. We did get one out of two. No rain. It was pretty chilly though. Luckily parents still brought their children out to play and celebrate in the 47 degree windy morning. Everyone was real sweet to tell me not to worry about the cold that the kids did not care or even notice how cold it was. Brooks was a little overwhelmed at first but ended up having a great time. Cash was pretty much wrapped up and being held most of the time with no clue that this celebration did include him. Next year I am sure he will be more into his birthday party. They are 3 and 1 now and I am so thankful for them and can't believe how fun and hard it is to raise to awesome boys.