Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Playgroup Christmas Party

We had so much fun at Rachel and Darren's house Sunday night. The food was delicous, the kids played basically the whole time without much help from us, and all of the parents got to visit. We drew names for Christmas gifts and Holt gave Brooks a tee ball and bat. Brooks wanted to get it out and play with it right then. I think it is going to be a new favorite around here.

Helping Dada

This is what I came home to Saturday afternoon. It was really cute to see the two of them raking leaves in our front yard. Brooks is all into helping these days.

Breakfast with Santa

At our church we had breakfast with Santa Saturday morning. It was crazy. There were around 650 people there. Our visit with santa was not a happy one. As soon as I sat him in Santa's lap he stopped breathing, his lips turned blue, and then the crying and tears came. This was exactly what we expected. Out side of that it was a fun morning of food and activities.

Playing with fake food and boxes

Seriously, the other morning he played with his food and boxes for almost an hour. He will put everything in a box and then go dump it in a drawer and then put it all back in a basket and so on and so on. The bottom of our steps has become a new favorite playing spot. Kids are pretty funny.

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's a Boy!!!!!!

It's a boy!!!!! We are so excited about baby boy number two. We had the ultra sound done yesterday and my gut feeling was right. Us having another boy right now is good for lots of reasons. Number one being it is what God is so graciously blessing us with. Second and not nearly as significant is all the money I will not be spending on a whole new girl wardrobe. Third, is the fact that this boy will be born around the same time Brooks was born so as long as this is a good size boy we are set with clothes. Fourth, Brooks will have a brother that is only two years younger than he is. Fifth, I just love boys and now I will have three. Please keep our baby boys health and development in your prayers.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I had to put all five of these pictures on here bc everyone has to look at the dog in this series of pictures starting from the bottom going up. He was just not happy and this might have been bc his dog head kept weighing him down.

Happy Birthday Ava!!!!!!!!

That's our cute little skunk. Ava just turned two and had a Halloween birthday party on Saturday. It was so much fun seeing all the kids dressed up. I think some of them were a little unsure when they saw each other. Brooks just stood on the sidewalk and watched everybody for about the first 10 minutes we were there. He finally ventured out to play. It was a great party. Happy Birthday Ava!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MiMi please just don't put me down in the water.
This was about all the ocean he wanted to explore.

I just don't get what all the fuss over going to the beach is about?

Amelia Island with the McInteer Family

Bonding with Uncle Wack (Zach).

Our trip to the beach was so much fun. I had never been to Florida in October before and it was really nice. There were very few people there and we had beautiful weather all week. It was nice to get a little bit more sun before I go stark white for the winter. Brooks still did not really like the pool, beach, or ocean. Maybe next year. He did at least smile a few times when he let the waves hit his feet as long as somebody else was close to reassure him he was okay. We did not take enough pictures but I will post a few of the pics we did take.

Snowbird Lodge with view

Here are a few more picks from our motorcycle trip. We really did have a great time and highly recommend the Snowbird Lodge which is where we stay. The owners are great, staff is so friendly, and my reason for loving it is the gourmet meals.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Wanted to post more but have to go. We are leaving for florida for a week. YAY!!!!!

Motorcycle Trip to NC

Here we are looking tough right before we left. My dad made fun of us for lacking any sort of biker look.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My 100

1. I love comedies
2. Nothing makes me laugh harder than watching someone fall, trip, or have something happen that may cause a minor injury.
3. ex. Kelso on that 70's show shooting himself with a bb gun ( I can watch it over and over)
4. Brian Fellows skits on Saturday night live are my favorite.
5. I need to watch funny things bc I am serious enough without watching sad or serious movies.
6. I need to laugh at myself more.
7. I expect a lot from Matthew but really really want him to be happy with everything I do
8. I love playing sports.
9. I love all aboard the Choo Choo Train alphabet song on Disney.
10. I love watching Brooks dance to it even more.
11. I get in and out of the shower from the front (I want the water to hit me the second I get in)
12. Relaxing at home is not something I know how to do.
13. I often wish my family lived in Nashville.
14. I sometimes wish I lived in chattanooga.
15. I hope that Sarah Miller will on day move back to Nashville.
16. I am very grateful for all my girlfriends (motherhood would not be nearly as much fun without them)
17. I had a difficult introduction into motherhood (lots and lots of screaming, not much sleeping, and constarnt feeding for 7months).
18. I wear swimming goggles when I chop onions.
19. My heart truly hurts for all women who want babies and have not been able to have one.
20. I pray for you daily.
21. My heart also hurts for all the children who are not loved and cared for the way every child should be.
22. I have multiple ice-cream scoops in my kitchen drawer.
23. They are used regularly.
24. Maggie Moos Cnbun with teddy grahms and marshmellows is my favorite.
25. When I was pregnant with Brooks I would get this after every Dr.'s appointment as long as I had only gained a couple of pounds.
26. One time I had gained 6 pounds in a month and did not get to go to the Moos.
27. I would like to take art lessons.
28. I think Matthew and I will do something great together one day.
29. Country Songs about family make me emotional in a I want to be the best wife and mom ever kind of way.
30. I miss singing oldies in the car with my Dad (we just are not in car together very often).
31. I wish my Mom was here so we could run all our errands together.
32. I wish I had pretty handwriting like my mom.
33. I am a terrible test taker.
34. It takes me way too long.
35. My anxiety about them get way out of control.
36. Organizing things makes me happy.
37. Trying to keep everything organized does not make me happy.
38. Brooks already seems smart like his Daddy and is a chatter box like me.
39. I like to shoot skeet
40. I love to bake (probably bc I like to eat sweets).
41. I enjoy cooking but only a few nights a week.
42. Footloose is my all time favorite movie.
43. The last concert I went to was Alison Krause (it always makes me wish I could sing).
44. The first concert I ever went to was New Kids on the Block.
45. I have fond memories of elementary school.
46. Rough memories of middle school (some of you know why ssshhhh).
47. Great memories from high school.
48. Fun memories from college.
49. I always know when I am pregnant bc all of the sudden I could not care any less about my morning cup of coffee.
50. My sweet tooth also disappears which is soooo weird.
51. Matthew and I hope to have 3 children.
52. The second one is on the way.
53. I have run in lots of races.
54. I have done several triathlons.
55. I really need to take some swim lessons.
56. I am very competitive.
57. I love playing games at parties win, lose, or draw, cards, or anything
58. I love being a mom and am pretty good at it (I had a good ex.)
59. I have a good prayer life but probably need to listen more to what God has to say to me by reading the Bible.
60. I love going the Beach.
61. I love going to the lake.
62. I love going to vaderbilt basketball games.
63. I love going to football games on a perfect fall day (fair weather fan)
64. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
65. My mom's peanut butter fudge is the best.
66. I have great in-laws.
67. I love my 2 nieces and nephew.
68. Matthew and I have an annual motorcycle trip that is coming up.
69. I know that my brother would do anything in the world to help me.
70. I wear shorts to work out in and that is about it.
71. They just do not do anything for me.
72. My first vehicle was a black jeep wrangler.
73. I got my first C in 7th grade english class.
74. I totally understand why.
75. Correct use of grammar is something I have and will always struggle with (could not decide how to word this sentence).
76. I love all of my friends' children.
77. Morning time is my best time of day.
78. I love not having to have that Sunday night feeling of going back to work the next morning (Thanks Matthew!!!!!).
79. I am a jean girl.
80. I also love skirts and dresses, so much more flattering for me than shorts and capris.
81. We have done something to every room in our house.
82. Including painting, staining, and total renovations.
83. I want our next house to be brand new.
84. We have been in our house 3 years and have worked on it the whole time.
85. It is a great house
86. in a great neighborhood.
87. Out of those three years our house has been turned upside down more than it has been presentable.
88. Obviously, this stresses me out.
89. I like the phone to make plans
90. or to talk to people who live out of town.
91. I talk to my mom everyday.
92. I taught 4th grade ELL
93. I taught 3rd grade ELL
94. I taught 1st grade my last year.
95. I liked the kids a whole lot better than a lot of the teachers.
96. I have my M. of Ed. and am glad I do
97. although I do not plan on going back to teaching anytime in the near future unless I had to.
98. I do crossword puzzles with Matthew on road trips
99. I have actually gotten better at them.
100. I think I have a good initial intuition about people (but if need be I do reevaluate).

Okay so there it is now I tag Brooke S., Laura Beth, Amanda M., and Matthew. If you have already done this sorry just ignore the tag.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Too Cool for School

Brooks and Ava playing for a little bit longer after we arrived to pick them up.

First Day at Playcare

I was not having much luck with getting a pic this morning. He would smile, say cheese, and either run toward me or look somewhere else. Anyway, I did not want to leave him this morning bc when we walked in his class every kid in there was crying. He just kept looking at me whimpering a little like "Seriously, you are leaving me here?" The two teachers said he did fine which means he cried on and off the whole time like all the others.

Purse Snatcher

He does this nearly everyday. He retrieves one of my bags or purse, drags it toward whatever door he is closest to, and says bye-bye. It is really precious.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

This is Sarah's big brother Jon, sister-in-law Jamie, and the newest addition to the miller clan Esther. She was too cute and Brooks liked kissing her feet. We cooked out and went swimming at their house one night. It was so good to see Jon and his family. He lived in nashville for a while and use to come see us sometimes. I had not seen him since he had gotten married and had a baby. Life sure seems to be going by awful fast these days.

Older Girls

Brooks fell in love with these girls. These are two of Sarah's neices. Becca and Mary were so sweet to play with Brooks.

More about Chicago

I wanted to finish posting some of the pics from our trip to Chicago. This is me and Brooks with the Miller family. I truly love, love this family and always feel like I have gained so much by being around them. They love the Lord and it shows in every thing they do. They took care of us all week.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our trip to the Zoo

We got the best view of the polar bears playing!!

This is one of Sarah's friends little girl, Jordon. So cute and sooo good. I also took of pic of Amanda,Jordon's mom, but it was so blurry I did not post. It was nice meeting both of them. Thanks for coming to the Zoo with us.

Don't make fun of my pose.

Sarah is holding Brooks up so he can see the sea lions. He wanted to get closer than he was allowed.

Beatin on the Bongos

Generally the meerkats are his fav but today I think the bongos won him over and our up close view of the elephants.


This is a blurry picture but it was the best one I took. He was pretty far away. So cool though. I am not sure if I had ever seen an anteater. We felt sorry for him bc a group of monkeys kept running him off.

Sarah on top of the Polar Bear

This is by far my favorite pick of the day. Climbing up there would have made for a great pic as well but I wasn't fast enough.

Chicago Zoo Trip

He has never ever fallen asleep in his unbrella stroller. We had a big day at the Zoo and he was so good. Especially considering we did not leave until 3:30 which is 2 hrs past his nap time.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mullins Square Bibs

These bibs are the best!!!!! I was soooooo sick of scrubbing food out of clothes. Then I found these bibs. This is the third bib like this that I have purchased. I love that they have armholes bc that allows for great coverage and prevents them from taking it off. The brand is Mullins Square. I purchased one at Especailly Baby in Green Hills and the others from www.addy'

Brooks has discovered that he can hold his hands behind his back. It is so cute.

Babies Everywhere!

I have enjoyed the past two weekends bc of the fun celebrations we had in honor of the cute baby Dawson Moonshower and the hopefully soon arrival of Grant Thompson. Gini and Carrie are both such good friends, great girls, and fabulously fit the role of moma/moma to be. Our kitchen is being renovated and is taking longer than expected. Luckily I have in-laws who are nice enough to let me have these celebrations on their awesome deck. Here are some picks from the showers. Ooops. As I was uploading the pics I realized that I took pictures with Gini's camera not mine. Hopefully I will have some of those pics later.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Birthday McHaney!!!!!!!!

McHaney's Birthday party was so much fun. I love how much fun she had diving into her cupcake. The kids has so much fun outside until the rain and then they had lots of fun inside.


I told Martha Lynn that I would be sure to get this pic on my blog.

Fun times with Dad

Lake Pics

These pics are from last weekend at the lake. Brooks was really good which always makes a better trip for all.