Thursday, January 24, 2008

8 Things about Brooks

1. I love being read to. My favorite books are about Noah's Ark and any other animal book.
2. I would watch Elmo, Pooh, and Baby Einstein all day long if my momma would let me.
3. When someone ask me if I want anything I say, "CooCoos (cookies)"? The response is usually, "No, we can not eat cookies all of the time." So then I pause and think hmmmmm, "Icescream (ice-cream)"?
4. Bingo Bells, Fosty, and Reindeer should be listened to and sung year round. Not just during December.
5. Screaming is a lot of fun until I have to go sit in time out for it.
6. I like my hands to be very clean so since I just learned how to wash my hands I do it constantly.
7. I will talk to just about anyone and love being the center of attention. The more you laugh the more I perform.
8. We can probably get along as long as you do not tell me no, never rinse the shampoo out of my hair, never change my clothes, never ever make me wear gloves or a hat, definitely do not cut my hair, and please please do not interrupt me while I am watching TV.