Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Brooks always wants to get in my lap and press the keys on the keyboard as soon as I get on the computer. Finally, I thought about looking to see if their were infant on-line games. I use to let my students do on-line learning games after they had finished all of their center work and they loved it. Sure enough I did a search and found infant online games. He loved it. Most of the ones for infants only require them to push any key on the computer for something to pop up or play music. He sat here for about 10 or 15 minutes and then was ready to get down. It was much better than me just getting frustrated with him for wanting to bang on the keyboard and much more entertaining for both of us. This site had several different game sites on it. Knee Bouncers was our favorite site. go to fun and family time then online games
they had several good infant games as well


mandiandjosh said...

Thanks for the info. I checked them out and Preston will when he wakes up!!
What a precious picture in the highchair!

Erin Christine said...

hey heather,
i linked over from Elizabeth's blog. glad to have found it. he's quite a cutie.

Julie said...

We missed you at the pool-maybe this week we can go-I'll have to check out those sites. I bet Frances would love them!

Elizabeth Byerly said...

I just showed Emery the games on the computer... She couldn't get enough! Thanks for finding that.