Sunday, August 5, 2007

This is Sarah's big brother Jon, sister-in-law Jamie, and the newest addition to the miller clan Esther. She was too cute and Brooks liked kissing her feet. We cooked out and went swimming at their house one night. It was so good to see Jon and his family. He lived in nashville for a while and use to come see us sometimes. I had not seen him since he had gotten married and had a baby. Life sure seems to be going by awful fast these days.


Rachel said...

heather- I thought the same thing about that pic of Duncan and Caroline! They do look alike!!!!

The Adcocks said...

Your being a blogger slacker. Time to update. i want to see picture from your brooks family trip. we miss seeing you and brooks. we're having withdrawals

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

things heather could blog about:
1) Trip back home
2) Picture of Brooks & funny story
3) Your 100 List you never did
4) Your Kitchen Renovation that I still haven't seen.
5) I could go on...