Thursday, March 13, 2008

Saturday Fun

I never get these in the order I want them. Anyway this was Brooks in the snow last year.

After breakfast we went to Phillips toy mart to see the little easter bunny farm. They have it every year. We went a little earlier this year than last so the bunnies were still really cute and small. Brooks wanted to climb and play with them. Since he could not do that he did get one of the bunnies to come eat some grass.

Brooks does not really love the snow yet. Luckily he did not cry the way he did last year when we sat him down in it. He actually left his gloves on for about 10 minutes which is the longest period of time yet. He liked opening up his mouth and trying to catch the snowflakes. He was cold and hungry after about 10 minutes out in it so we left and went to Cracker Barrel which in my 36th week was perfect for me.

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Alison said...

Hi -

I love your photos of your baby with the Phillips Toy Mart bunnies!

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