Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My 1 hour and 15 minute Labor and Delivery

I have to share my birth story bc it was so crazy and I am still in shock. I know it is long but it was pretty exciting.
Saturday night April 12, 2008
6:30 pm - Arrived at Reid and Franklin's house for dinner/Wii Olympic Party
We had so much fun. We had a great dinner and really enjoyed boxing and watching everyone else box. (I lost my boxing match to Pat Pickens but I think all the bouncing around might had put me right over the edge).
8:45 pm - said our good-byes bc we needed to take Brooks home and get him to bed. On they way out I felt a little funny and I told Keeley and Sara that this might be the night.
9:00 pm - We were in the car and I asked Matthew to go ahead and stop to get gas bc we were on empty.
9-9:15 - Thought I had a contraction but thinking maybe I am just sick at my stomach. Matthew wanted to start calling our family. I wanted to stay calm and wait to make sure this was not a false alarm. He told me that I was already five days late, did I really think this was a false alarm?
I called Marilyn, Matthew's aunt, to give her a heads up that this might be it bc she was going to keep Brooks for us. She did not answer. Then I had another contraction. Matthew said, "Heather those were 4 minutes apart".
9:20 pm - Arrive at our home. Matthew says okay so why don't I go ahead and call my mom. I strongly agree at this point that we need to get somebody here to watch Brooks and we need to get to the hospital. He ended up getting in touch with Martha Lynn and Zach. They said they could come right over. While we are waiting I am walking around with Brooks talking to me and I am trying to make a few phone calls to notify friends and family for prayers. Brooks is feeling some commotion going on as my contractions are strong and only 3 minutes apart. Then as Matthew is getting our stuff in the car Brooks slams into him and gets knocked back pretty hard. So now I am trying to be calm bc he is hysterical. I get Brooks in bed and am comforting him and we are saying good-night. Matthew and I are about to walk out and Brooks says time to pray. So sweet. So Matthew said a much needed prayer for us right before leaving. ML and Z arrive.
9:52-10:00 pm Home to hospital. Ran some red lights and I screamed out for the Lord to slow this process down. To be honest I screamed out a few other things too but it was mostly oh dear Lord HELP!!!!!!! My contractions are now not even 1 minute apart.
10:00- 10:14 pm- I go as fast as I can into the doors of Baptist Hospital. I tell the lady at the desk that I am about to have this baby. My contractions are not even one minute apart and I was already dilated to five at the Dr.'s office the day before. I sign two papers (I had already pre-registered, thank goodness). She walks, yes walks to get a wheelchair. This lady is clearly missing the urgency of this situation. She strolls back and says somebody has taken my wheelchair. She said can you walk? Matthew is walking up and he says yes she can walk as I am doubling over in pain on the desk. Then he said well maybe not. Then the lady walks off and about that time my contraction passed and I have about 30 seconds maybe to try and get to where I need to go and the lady is out of sight. She walks back around the corner with a wheel chair and maybe with all my moaning she realizes this is serious so she ran me down the hall to Triage where a nurse tells me she needs a urine sample. What???????? Seriously????????????? This is the last thing they need right now if you ask me. I just needed to be sitting up on a bed having this baby. I walk in the bathroom, as I am trying to cooperate and then my water busted everywhere.
The nurse helps me get everything off and into my gown. Then pushes me into a delivery room. I get up on the table and say so do I get an epidural, which of course they laugh bc the baby is crowning already. I knew I was not getting one when I asked but I was desperatly hoping for some relief from the pain. They are trying to get the shock doc into deliver me. This is the name for the Dr. that they keep on at the hospital 24/7 for emergencies like this one. There are 5 nurses all around me trying to get me to breathe and not push which is practically impossible. It was too much and I could not hold this process back any longer. I pushed and the head started coming out so they all said okay here we go we will just go ahead and deliver so about 2 minutes and 4 pushes later Cash Henry arrived at 10:14 pm. The shock doc showed up about five to seven minutes after delivery and he fixed me up. The ob on call for my doc showed up about 30 minutes after delivery. Thanks to all those nurses who delivered Cash Henry.


Jennifer said...

Wow, what a story! You are amazing! Congrats on your new, beautiful baby boy!

the robertsons said...

Congrats McInteer Gang! Heather, what a WOMAN! Cash is so sweet and cute! You guys are truly blessed with a beautiful and healthy family.

Ashley & Bobby said...

Great story....you are the woman for sure! Cash is precious. Glad everything went well!

Melissa Claire said...

CRAZY! Make sure there aren't any doctor fees on that bill!!!! Cash is so cute! Now you have two gorgeous (can you use that word to describe boys?) boys!

Rachel said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Heather, you are my HERO! You know I could never do it. I'd probably have passed out around 9:15. Elective C section it is for me!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness...I was SOOOO tense reading that! Wow! You are a super woman! I can't imagine. He is precious! Congrats again!

lyla said...

that is really crazy! i can't even imagine not having an epidural. you have a great story to tell--and i hadn't even thought about it until i read the other comments, but you shouldn't have to pay a doctor bill for the delivery! glad you made it just in time! he's precious and looks just like you already.

Dee-Dee said...

OOOOH!!! How exciting!! I loved reading that! Thanks for the play by play - very intense. He is PRECIOUS, as are the family picture and pictures with his proud big brother (whom he looks like quite a bit, huh? - not as much hair as Brooks had...). Congratulations!! I hope I get to meet him next week when we are in town! I know he's gonna' be a cool kid with that cool name!

kma said...

WOW! What a story & what a beautiful boy! I had heard quick, but that is QUICK! have a great first few weeks together! Cannot wait to meet him! Kelly

The Hadfields said...

Wow!! That's how it should be!! Congrats!!

Julie said...

What a woman! He is beautiful!!

Natalie said...

Shuuu girl! That does not make me nervous at all! I am so glad that everything turned out to be ok.
He is precious and I can't wait to meet him.
The pict. of Brooks singing to Cash is priceless!
Congratulations on your 14 min. delivery!!

Deanna said...

Oh my gosh! What a story!! I am glad baby Cash is here and healthy!!

Abigail & Ansley said...

What an amazing story! I am so happy that Cash was such a healthy little boy. He is precious. Too bad delivery isn't that "easy" for everyone...you deserved it...5 days late!!! :) Congratulations!