Thursday, April 1, 2010


I was so excited to write every name down and put it in the diaper wipe container(they come in handy for storage etc...) and draw a name.......GINGER is the Winner of the free shirt!!!!!!!!! Alright!!! Ginger feel free to leave me a message on etsy when you decide what shirt and size you need. If you want to wait a couple of days I am still posting some new summer designs. I have an alligator that I will post as soon as I get to it. Keep checking for more give aways and new designs.


Momma Said Sew


The Hadfields said...

sad! I missed it!!

Ginger said...

Hey Heather! I couldn't figure out how to leave you a message on Etsy. I def. want the alligator t-shirt in the largest size you have. 5 or 6. THANKS!!!